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Sync Up, a OneDrive podcast, will take you behind the scenes of OneDrive. Hosts Ankita Kirti and Jason Moore will shed light on how OneDrive connects you to all your files in Microsoft 365 so you can share and work together from anywhere. Hear from experts behind the design and development of OneDrive, as well as customers and Microsoft MVPs. Each episode will also give you news and announcements, tips and best practices for your OneDrive experience. Stay up to date on all OneDrive news at

Transcripts provided with each episode.


Oct 8, 2019

In this episode, we focus on the importance of confidence for both end users and administrators regarding file sharing. End users need to have confidence when sharing files regarding security and collaboration. Administrators need to confidence in their responsibility as protectors for their organizations, and to do so in a seamless and consistent manner. We talk with Catherine Feldman, program manager on OneDrive, and Michael Pierce, senior design manager for OneDrive, discussing the engineering and design behind OneDrive’s file sharing experience. 

Running Time: 29:50

Show Intro [00:00:00:00]

Topic of the Month – File Sharing Experience

Guest Perspective – Catherine Feldman and Michael Pierce [03:00]

News and Announcements [19:15]

Special Topic of the Month - Community within Work [24:53]

Show Wrap [28:25]

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